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1314-4402 PC Programming Station (OEM)

Law and Order - Legacies

Commercial Developer Telltale Games

A maid at a five stars hotel is found attacked and murdered in a supply closet. On his first day, back at the 27 th ...

Atlantis Evolution

Shareware Developer The Adventure Company

Despite the disappearance of Atlantis for several games already, the missing civilization remains very ...


Simfit is a free software Windows/Linux package for simulation, curve fitting, statistics, and plotting, using a library of models or ...

Biología 6º edición, Curtis y Barnes.

Developer DF

Dominoes, Win42

1314 PC Programming Station

PC Programmer

Dominoes and Win42


Freeware Developer Aaron Curtis

QClip is a clipboard extender for Windows, similar to that found in the Microsoft Office suite, with the exception that ...

Double-9 Dominoes

FS X - Addon - Curtis P-40B


Freeware Developer Curtis Cameron

Plays the game of "42", which is a bidding-type dominoes game similar to bridge, spades, or pinochle. The computer ...

Maple Patch

Win Domino

Freeware Developer Curtis Cameron

The classic dominoes game for Windows 95/98. It features 3 difficulty levels and Spanish/English support. Requires the VB 4.0 Runtimes.

TIME TO WIN Millennium Edition

Dominoes, Win42, and WinMoon


NwN Character Organizer


The Molecule package consists of the MaxScript. (.mse) Molecule is a utility MaxScript for 3DS Max 8/9 to create and render ...

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